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An easy to use, yet powerful, birthday management application to remind you of upcoming birthdays.
Program Features In the Works
  • Integration with Apple's Address Book. A person's information is obtained from your Address Book.
  • Ability to directly view and/or edit a person's card within the Address Book.
  • Gradual highlighting for approaching birthdays.
  • Intelligent exporting of birthdays to iCal. However, you do not need to export to iCal to see approaching birthdays.
    • If you add/update a person's information, existing events in iCal will be updated to reflect those changes on your next export.
    • Ability to move events into other iCal calendars.
  • The Reminder Table is automatically refreshed to reflect the current date. (i.e. detects a date rollover at midnight.)
  • Support for all dates entered in your Address Book cards.
  • A Status Bar helper application to quickly show upcoming dates from your Address Book cards.
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