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API to control the FireCracker Computer Interface (CM17A) from any computer with a serial port. The FireCracker Computer Interface is shipped with The FireCracker Ultimate Home Control Kit.
Who's Using This API? Who's Using This API?
Bubble, Bubble, Build's In Trouble
Mike Clark, author of the book Pragmatic Project Automation How to Build, Deploy, and Monitor Java Applications , uses this API in a psychodelic solution to automate the building and testing of your software. Visual feedback about the state of your project if obtained by lighting up red (failed) and green (success) lava lamps controlled via X10 devices. You should check it out!
X10-ified & FirecrackerComm
Aaron Lerch has ported this API to C#.
Let me know how you are using this API!
Documentation Documentation
Java Communications API
Sun's implementation only supports Microsoft Windows and Solaris/x86.
For other platforms, check out RXTX. (includes Linux support)
Recommended Downloads
Nevelex Arguments API
The example code uses the command-line argument processing features from this API. If you want run the example program, you need to download it.
Browse HTML Documentation (current release)
The current release in the downloads section includes this documentation too.
LGPL (freeware)
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X10 CM17A API version 1.0.1 (x10-1.0.1.tar.bz2) [10/21/2003]
Includes source, binaries and documentation.
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