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Slideshow Title Description Last Update
Yasmin: Rest of 2009 Lots of pictures of Yasmin & Family.
Buffalo Christmas 2009 Buffalo Christmas.
Florida Christmas 2009 Florida Christmas.
San Francisco Wedding Wedding and road trip pictures.
Chuck & Carrie's Wedding Wedding and road trip pictures.
Pictures from 07/18/2009 through 07/30/2009.
Yasmin: Months 23 - 26 Birthday party pictures and many more.
Pictures of Yasmin from 03/30/2009 through 08/02/2009.
Yasmin: Months 21 & 22 Pictures of Yasmin from 01/25/2009 through 04/01/2009. 04/01/2009
Yasmin: Months 19 & 20 Pictures of Yasmin from 11/09/2008 through 01/17/2009. 02/06/2009
Christmas 2008 Pictures of Yasmin and family from 12/05/2008 through 12/29/2008. 02/06/2009
Yasmin: Month 18 Pictures of Yasmin from 10/11/2008 through 11/08/2008. 11/10/2008
Yasmin: Zoo Trips Pictures from a couple of trips to the Minnesota Zoo. From 11/02/2008 and 11/09/2008. 11/10/2008
Yasmin: Halloween 2008 Yasmin's Halloween pictures. From 10/26/2008 and 10/31/2008. 11/10/2008
Itasca State Park Pictures from our trip to Itasca State Park. Yasmin went on this trip as well. From 10/18/2008 to 10/19/2008. 11/10/2008
Yasmin: Months 16 & 17 Pictures of Yasmin from 8/6/2008 through 10/03/2008. 10/03/2008
Yasmin: Months 13, 14, & 15 Pictures of Yasmin from 5/7/2008 through 8/5/2008. 8/6/2008
Yasmin's Twelfth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 4/7/2008 through 5/6/2008. 5/25/2008
Yasmin's Eleventh Month Pictures of Yasmin from 3/6/2008 through 4/6/2008. 4/20/2008
Yasmin's Tenth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 2/3/2008 through 3/5/2008. 3/5/2008
Yasmin's Ninth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 1/2/2008 through 2/2/2008. 2/13/2008
Yasmin's Eighth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 12/9/2007 through 1/1/2008. 1/1/2008
Yasmin's Seventh Month Pictures of Yasmin from 11/6/2007 through 12/8/2007. 12/10/2007
Yasmin's Sixth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 10/6/2007 through 11/5/2007. 11/06/2007
Yasmin's Fifth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 9/7/2007 through 10/5/2007. This set also includes some photos of Danny. 10/08/2007
Yasmin's Fourth Month Pictures of Yasmin from 8/7/2007 through 9/6/2007. 09/06/2007
Yasmin's Third Month Pictures of Yasmin from 7/1/2007 through 8/6/2007. 09/06/2007
Scotland 2007 Pictures of our trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh from 6/22/2007-6/30/2007. 07/03/2007
Yasmin's Second Month Pictures of Yasmin from 6/6/2007 through 6/17/2007. 06/17/2007
Yasmin's First Month Pictures of Yasmin through 6/5/2007. 06/05/2007
Yosemite Camping Trip 2005 Pictures of our Yosemite camping trip from 7/28/2005-8/1/2005. 05/19/2007
Spring Break 2005 Pictures of our trip to Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France. 04/10/2005
Our House Pictures of our new house. I have also included pictures of the work we are doing. 12/22/2003
4th of July Party Pictures from our Jenga... whoops, I mean 4th of July Party. 09/03/2003
Lassen & Lava Beds Vacation Pictures from our trip to Lassen National Park and Lava Beds National Monument. 09/03/2003
Kitchen Remodel (in CA) The remodel of our kitchen. 04/27/2003
Master Bathroom Remodel (in CA) The remodel of our master bathroom. 04/27/2003
Guest Bathroom Remodel (in CA) The remodel of our guest bathroom. 04/02/2003
Our House Tour (in CA) A slide show of our house and some other miscellaneous stuff. 02/02/2003
House Improvements (in CA) Tour of the improvements and updates we have made in our house. 02/02/2003
Kitty Overload A slide show of our cats. 02/02/2003
Parent's House Tour A slide show of my parent's house. 09/22/2002


Video Title Description Last Update
Her First Steps Video shot on 4/24/2008. Watch out cats, here she comes! 4/24/2008
Our Little Spinner Video shot on 1/28/2008. We are so proud of our little spinner. She will literally do that for 5 to 10 minutes straight. 1/28/2008
Yasmin First Time Climbing the Steps (ever) Video shot on 1/22/2008. This was the very first time she ever crawled up the steps. She now does it like a champ. 1/28/2008
Yasmin First Crawl (on tape) Video shot on 12/18/2007. 12/30/2007
Yasmin Enjoys Her First Taste Solid Food Yasmin is trying solid food for the first time. Suffices to say she loved it! Before she got a taste, she didn't want to be in the highchair. Once she tastes the banana, she completely forgets the inconvenience of being in the highchair. Video shot on 10/23/2007. 10/24/2007
Yasmin in her Bouncy Chair She's playing with a toy bar in her bouncy chair. She is learning to interact with her environment. 10/24/2007
Yasmin Clasping Her Hands We are not sure why she does this, but she almost always clasps her hands. 10/24/2007
Yasmin in the Sling She is just hanging out in her sling. 10/24/2007